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Apply for Financial Aid

Lifestyle Christian School works with FACTS to help evaluate family financial need, allowing schools to award aid with confidence.
Frequently Asked Questions
Who is FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment? FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment is an independent, third party company that conducts financial analysis to determine your family’s financial need. Your educational institution receives a confidential report outlining your financial situation based on the information obtained in your application and supporting tax documents.
What documentation will I need to submit? You will need to submit your federal income tax return, W-2 forms, and supporting documentation for non-taxable income.
Does the FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment process require a credit check? No. FACTS does not require a credit check and applying for aid will not affect your credit rating.
How much does it cost to apply? If an application fee is due, the amount of the fee is indicated when applying for aid. If applicable, the nonrefundable application fee may be required before your application will be submitted.
How do I find out if I’ve been awarded financial aid? Award decisions are made by the institution, not FACTS. Once an award decision is made, the institution will notify you.

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